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Copyright is the exclusive right by law to do certain actions in respect of literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works and producers of cinematograph films and sound recordings. Copyright does not protect the specific idea or information or content but it protects the form and manner in which it is represented. It is applicable on a wide range of innovative, intellectual, scholarly, or artistic forms or works. The copyright symbol ‘©’ is used by the owner who have registered copyright.

Procedure For Copyright Registration

Complete Copyright applicaion form

You need to fill out a simple copyright form which will gather all the required information & will help us while filing your registration.


Prepare Copyright Application

According to your need, our expert will prepare your copyright application. We will co-ordinate with you for all the copyright documents.


Filing of Cpoyrigt Application

As soon as your documents and application are processed properly, our executive will submit your copyright application with the department.


Copyright Certificate issued

After approval of the copyright application, an acknowledgement will be provided to the client.


Document Required For Trademark Application

Title of the Invention

Nature of Business

Identity Proof of applicant

Address of Applicant

Arrange Call From Expert